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Stunning Vinyl Record Carving Embroidery

Stunning Vinyl Record Carving Embroidery

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Do you have any vinyl LPs laying around at home? Maybe you have some true classics that are getting more valuable each day that goes by. I have a few LPs that I have carefully stored away so they don’t get scratched. It’s when you accidentally scratch one of them, and it becomes damaged beyond repair, that you either hang on to it wishfully thinking it will fix itself, or you just simply throw it away. However, as with everything, there is a second hand use that you could give them so don’t throw them away. Whatever recycling you endeavor into, it’s good for the environment, so think hard and long and maybe you can come up with an idea that will not only save the environment but also give you a little viral boost as well.

That is the case with the jaw breaking art from artist Scott Marr who found himself holding a few of his own vinyl LPs that were beyond repair. What he did was start carving the vinyl into something that can only be described as vinyl embroidery. Sound weird? Yeah, I have to agree, it looks really strange to say the least. It’s almost like he managed to create thread out of the vinyl while it was still attached to the record. I know it sounds quite odd, but that is exactly what it looks like.

Someone has called it vinyl crochet-inspired artwork, and I am ready to agree. I never thought I would see something as fantastically unusual as this coming from a record that was recorded, pressed and then sold. I don’t know how many times I can say it, but there are just no boundaries to what we can do if we just start that recycling engine of ours called the brain. Have a look at these and tell me they don’t look like true crocheted embroidered vinyl records. It’s a feat to carve something as elaborate into a vinyl record as it is. Amazing!





Via: [Illusion]

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