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Sticker Lamp Design: Just Peel & Stick It To Your Wall For Light

Sticker Lamp Design: Just Peel & Stick It To Your Wall For Light

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

This is one of the simplest yet stylish lighting options I’ve seen. These sticker lamps would be perfect for single people living in tiny apartments where space is valuable and convenience is imperative. These lamps look like stickers, and you can stick them wherever you need light. The packaging that they come in is actually part of the lamp itself, and since all you have to do is stick them to any surface, it couldn’t get any easier. They’ll also add an eclectic, minimalist design touch to your room.

This is called the Droog Sticky Lamp, and it was designed by Chris Kabel. The plastic packaging is the casing for this sticker lamp (so don’t throw that away), and it takes any energy saver or LED bulb. The back of the package has a foil covering. You just peel that off to expose the stickiness which you then stick to any surface. It won’t ruin the paint on the wall or any other surface, so you can just use your imagination and put it anywhere!

If you are looking for a little bit more of a dramatic, colored, environmentally friendly lighting, I invite you to check out my favorite lights ever. You can see them by clicking over to Firefly Lights. There are so many lighting options these days that it makes no sense to settle for the boring lights of the past. You can really use lighting to spice up your mood and the ambiance in any room of your house.

It’s amazing how doing something as simple as changing the lights can create a completely different look in the room. These sticker lamps are perfect for someone who wants an ultimately low-hassle, unique looking lighting option. Forget needing space on a table to put a lamp since you can just stick these to the wall.

Just Peel & Stick Your Sticker Lamp Wherever You Need Light







Via: [Book of Joe] Images Credit: [Droog] [Moby Picture] [Amsterdam]

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