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Star Wars Samurai: Fresh Illustrations Of An Alternate Storyline

Star Wars Samurai: Fresh Illustrations Of An Alternate Storyline

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

So let’s do this! Let’s alter the very backbone of science fiction for just a short while and see where it all heads if we put it upside down. Even though the following mashup isn’t too far away from the original, mentally that is, the refreshing nature of it is quite inspiring. We are so used to seeing Star Wars ambushed and intertwined with pretty much everything that doesn’t have anything to do with it that we have started to get kind of bored actually. I can imagine that everyone who wants to live on the top of the viral wave with something pertaining to Star Wars probably struggles to come up with something new these days. I mean, everything must have been done by now, right?

Hardly! At least if you ask the illustrator and creator of the awesome Star Wars Samurai image series, Clinton Felker. It’s one of those rare yet entirely plausible scenarios that George Lucas could have chosen when he created the Star Wars universe. In some ways, he did since the Jedi have a lot of samurai feel to them. Even their culture is steaming with incarnated samurai mojo. If I am not entirely mistaken, the Jedi are actually based on the samurai culture and lifestyle.

Just looking at these images gives me a great urge to watch the Star Wars movies back to back yet again. It could have totally been a valid approach to go with this kind of art direction. The dark colors are amazingly effective, and there is no mistaking the characters. The only thing that really bums me out is that I can’t seem to find more of the images. I would have loved to sit here all day just paging through all the different characters and just get inspired. But, everything has a limit and seemingly this series is limited to 6 images… for now that is.







Via: [UFunk – French]

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Justin Wright

June 25th, 2014

Who ever made these should make a Chewbacca please I’ll be so thankful if they do.

Clinton Felker

January 6th, 2015

Richard thanks for posting these images. I’m the original artist of these images. It was a blast painting these. I do have more of this world but only in sketches at the moment. I hope to revisit this project soon. Too much fun to put down. Hopefully I will have more in May. Just wrapping up a few projects before then. Again thanks for posting my art!

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