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Spectacular Iron Man Stained Glass Helmet

Spectacular Iron Man Stained Glass Helmet

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Wow. There’s stained glass, and then there’s stained glass, if you know what I mean. This thing is truly spectacular! Iron Man has always been one of my favorite superhero movies, and I’ve always thought it would be fun to be Pepper Potts. Well, I don’t actually want to be her, I just want to have her body, but I digress…

This stunning work of stained glass art was created by deviantART member ~mclanesmemories (Michael Lane). He made this a while back, but since The Avengers is released in the States today, there’s been renewed interest in his lamp creation. Unfortunately, this lamp is not for sale and Michael isn’t taking any orders at this time. However, it seems that might change in the future.

I wonder how long it took him to make this. I can imagine having a whole room filled with his stained glass superhero creations. I could picture a beautiful green and purple one for Hulk and a red, white and blue one for Captain America. What a gorgeous way to light up a room! I’ve always heard the ambiance of a room is determined by the lighting, which is why a lot of people choose a collection of lamps instead of a standard overhead light attached to the ceiling. With a lamp as unique as this, I can see how that would be true. The colors just pop. Michael, you got some serious skilllz!





Via: [Obvious Winner]

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