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Roominate Dollhouse Lets Her Be A Little Engineer & Architect

Roominate Dollhouse Lets Her Be A Little Engineer & Architect

4 Years Ago By Tricia Edgar

When I was a kid, my sister put her foot through my dollhouse. It cracked down the middle. Needless to say, my soul still bears the scars of that moment. If I’d had an alarm for the dollhouse, perhaps connected to a few high intensity lasers, we’d all be sitting around telling a different story, wouldn’t we? <Insert evil laugh here>. Now, for those kids and adults who really want some electricity with their dollhouses, there’s a Roominate. Roominate will electrify your child’s play.

It’s a dollhouse created by three female engineering geeks who wanted to move beyond pink plastic blocks and build mad engineering skills in girls. Looking at the girls’ toy market, they realized that there wasn’t much out there that really spoke to aspiring female engineers. Roominate is a dollhouse that’s great for anyone, boy or girl. It turns your little dollhouse-lover into a world-dominating engineer. Although it doesn’t feature lasers, with Roominate your kids can design a dollhouse and create electrical circuits to power it. And that, my friends, is just plain awesome.

Roominate has reusable pieces that click together to create rooms and furniture, but the electrical bling is the coolest part – its fans, lights, and buzzers are designed so that the kids can wire them into the dollhouse. You want a doorbell to see if the dolls are home? You’ve got it. Roominate doesn’t guarantee that they’ll answer it though. Getting flashbacks to the heady smell of solder? Think about how your kids could enjoy exploring circuits too. And maybe when they’re asleep, you’ll get to play as well. That’s why you buy these toys, isn’t it? Roominate is scheduled to hit the market in November 2012. In the meantime, wipe that electronic geek drool off your face and head on down to their web site to get onto the waiting list!

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Image Credits: [Forbes] [Wired] [Babble]

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