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Pointillism: The New Edge Of Graffiti Design

Pointillism: The New Edge Of Graffiti Design

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There is a constant debate going about whether or not graffiti should be considered art. Whenever I write about graffiti, I always get a slew of comments saying that graffiti is nothing but destructive behavior, and it should never in a million years be considered art. Well, my own humble opinion is that even though some of the graffiti we see on our subways and streets is in fact just rubbish, there are still people out there who pay graffiti artists to paint their walls with their art. It might seem highly obnoxious to state that graffiti is not art when it is commissioned; however, there is always another aspect to what is considered fact.

There is a new edge of graffiti that hasn’t been seen before, which is called Pointillism. It’s a new approach to the whole art form and frankly, it’s on the edge of awesome. Basically what it is all about is that whatever graffiti motif you may create, there is another layer to it that is all about dots. It makes the whole art work look a lot more exclusive in my opinion, and the effect is quite powerful. Compare it to the mosaic art that we have the pleasure of constantly seeing go viral on the Internet.

This approach to graffiti has already become a viral introduction to a new form of street art. As long as the graffiti painted in our public spaces is commissioned, and it is approached with the highest level of professionalism, I am cool with it. It’s when it comes to the “taggers” that graffiti becomes a destructive endeavor. It’s what gives graffiti its bad reputation in my humble opinion. Some graffiti art pieces are actually amazingly inspiring, and if they are placed in the right places, they can even enhance a dull and ordinary public hangout.

The following graffiti art pieces were created by talented graffiti artist James Cochran, who is said to be the inventor of the style. They are beyond awesome. The depth and detail of his work is just mind numbing, and I feel like I want to see more and more if this kind of artwork.

The Graffiti Pointillism Artwork Approach

The Graffiti Pointillism Artwork Approach

The Graffiti Pointillism Artwork Approach

The Graffiti Pointillism Artwork Approach

The Graffiti Pointillism Artwork Approach

The Graffiti Pointillism Artwork Approach

Via: [Illusion]

Image Credits: [Claude Crommelin] [Maura Desira] [Voodoodi London] [Jurriaan Persyn] [John Fullard]

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