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Play on Logo Symbols

Play on Logo Symbols

8 Years Ago By Arnt Eriksen

A logo is very important in branding.  One must be careful in putting together elements to the design.  It is after all its the first contact the consumer has on a product.  Here are cool examples of  logos that play with symbols as elements in the design.

“The Dressing Bar” – The main component of the logo consist of the bar element combined with that of  a woman’s garment.  The logo communicates the concept of a dressing bar.  As per the designer the cocktail table is also a play on the jigger.  Jigger is used by bartenders to measure and mix drinks at a bar.  The only difference here is that the bottom is shaped into a hem of a dress.  Green and Fushia was the color chosen to to signify freshness and vitality while simultaneously referring to invogorating cocktails and fashion trends.  Very Clever.

“Mind Art Photography” – Here the designer uses the 2 circles to connote thought process that goes through the mind while taking photos and the use of the symbol as the auto focus function of a camera.


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