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Pita Bread Pencil Holder Makes Getting Organized Look Delish

Pita Bread Pencil Holder Makes Getting Organized Look Delish

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

How do you carry around your pencils or pens? Do you have a pencil holder or are they scattered all over the bottom of your handbag like mine? When you are talking to people on the phone, do you constantly hear yourself say, “Hold on while I find a pen.” Traditional pencil and pen holders can be cumbersome and bulky, but this one is different. Not only is it inspired by how people used to carry their paintbrushes and writing instruments back in the old days, it looks like a piece of pita bread. Hey, it doesn’t get much better than that, right?

If I didn’t see that tag attached to the side of this pencil holder, I would think it was really a piece of pita bread. It is actually made out of soft leather. It doesn’t just store pens and pencils either. This clever little pencil holder can hold any small tools really. This includes a pair of scissors, your favorite paintbrushes, crayons, screwdrivers, or anything. The little ring at the end allows you to attach a set of keys or even a USB drive. It would be fun to see a woman carry her make-up brushes, eyeliners and lip pencils in one of these. The only downside is that it would make me want to go buy some real pita bread.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a real product. It’s just a fun little concept design created by a collaboration between Mohar Design and Baruch Mogilevsky. The inspiration for the pita bread itself was taken from Ashtanur, which is a local pita bread of Jerusalem. Think of all the other food that could be recreated in leather to make a pencil holder. You could use a tortilla or a pizza for example. Mmm…The options are endless! Suddenly organizing your pens and pencils just became fun, right?

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Via: [Dooby Brain] [Lost At E Minor]

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