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Picnic Pants: For Fashionably Uncivilized Eating At Its Best

Picnic Pants: For Fashionably Uncivilized Eating At Its Best

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I don’t have a dinner table. There, I said it. Other than on Thanksgiving and Christmas, I would never use it, so why bother having one? My son and I usually eat dinner sitting on the floor in front of a video game or on the couch. When he was little, I had to teach him table manners by going to restaurants since we didn’t have a dinner table at home. Is it uncivilized to eat that way? Probably, but it is what it is.

These picnic pants are a great example of fashion and function colliding, and they would be perfect for people like us who don’t eat at a traditional table. They were originally intended for people who want to eat their lunch or dinner outside, but heck, I’d use them inside. They even have a cup holder on the side to hold your brewski. How can you resist that? In order to make these picnic pants work properly, you’ve got to sit cross-legged so the material between the legs of the pants forms a table. I can get down with that.

There is only one problem, and that is that these are horribly ugly. Why is it that fashion combined with function always equals ugly? Grrr… I would still wear them around the house, or on days when I want to look like a concubine living in a harem. If you’ve ever thought that eating food from between your legs might be fun, like me, you can inquire about these at the Italian designer’s website. Just go to Acquacalda Design.




Via: [Foodiggity] [Huff Post Style]

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