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Photography: The Mystery Behind Covering One Eye

Photography: The Mystery Behind Covering One Eye

6 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Sometimes I feel like such a moron when trying to understand sophisticated designers and photographers. There is nothing more humbling than reading about the existential philosophical thoughts of an artist, and at the end of it, just thinking… Huh?

Ahn Sang-Soo is one of those artists. I want to understand, I almost get it, but I’m not quite there. He has a fairly well known photo series called one.eye. Over the past few years, on his photography blog, he’s posted over 2,000 very interesting photos of ordinary people, each with either their hand or an object covering one eye.

These people are students, artists, colleagues, professors, poets, friends, kids, etc… and they are all covering an eye. What does this mean? Covering one eye does bring all of these people together, kind of like creating a common language. Perhaps it’s to symbolize the all-seeing eye. I don’t know. I guess I’m resigned to the fact that it’s waaaay above my head, and that’s cool. Either way, these photographs are intriguing and very interesting. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. You can learn more about Ahn Sang-Soo at ssahn. I was trying to figure out why those last two pictures were in the collection, and then duh… pretty cool Ahn!

A Blog About One Eye

The Blog About One Eye

Blog About Covering One Eye

Blog About Covering One Eye

Blog About Covering One Eye

Blog About Covering One Eye

Blog About Covering One Eye

Blog About Covering One Eye

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January 5th, 2013

Hahahaha you are all so blind with one eye closed. You will make a move and shall be smited


February 6th, 2014

Covering one eye is a simple statement. Among the majority of creative minds it has no relation to the occult or the Mason brotherhood. It simply suggests, “You don’t see me because you don’t know me”. It’s a message to critics, a defiant insult to those that miss the connection, and it’s a show of honour and respect to those who connect to their works of art (ie: audio, visual, subliminal), to their mission(s), to their purpose, to their statements, to their messages, to their existence.


May 10th, 2016

behold, I am amazed.. to have read the post of someone with such an arm.. such a long arm as to reach soo soo far up his own @$$ and pull out such.. an interpretation. wtf?


January 25th, 2017

Deko you are not very smart its a brand that signifies who they belong to stop saying stupid stuff now


August 20th, 2014

DeKo I disagree with you!


November 24th, 2016

this is obviously possible, and its also possible that the people in the pics fit that description.
i know whenever i take a pic, i take a second to this about all my critics, and shove my hand over my eye, so when people see the pic, they will reflect on their previous criticism of me. because they dont know fact i take most of my pictures to show the people who dont know me, they dont know me.


July 9th, 2017

This is occultism. It has to do with worship of the sun and the moon (yes, that’s a thing and has been for thousands of years). Not every individual posing like this has the intention I mentioned, however, the ones driving the movement certainly do.

It has to do with spirits and the light/dark kingdoms… Magic and something you ever dabble with on either side of it. Light of dark is both leading to the same place and its just a choice between the masculine or feminine energy of the deity.

In Christian theology the best was blind in the blind eye. If you look at the entertainment today and you have your critical thinking hat on… You will notice how many of these individuals call themselves “beasts” and promote self destructive messages. You will notice it a lot with the color code Red/Black.

Food for thought…

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