Photography: A Woman Breaks Out Of Her Shell, Literally

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There comes a time in every girl’s life when she transitions into being a woman. With that new role comes a whole new set of responsibilities, expectations, and many times, a whole new life. Some women adjust to this change better than others. I touched on this a little in an article called Celebrate Being A Woman – Every Day Of The Month.

At some point though, most women finally “break out of their shell.” I’ve gone through this, and I’ve watched both of my sisters experience it. Women come into their own so to speak, and they begin to question what is expected of them, and they begin, many times for the first time in their life, to live their life on their own terms.

Under the creative direction of Taylor James, photographer David Hughes was able to capture this on film. These photographs were created for a shopping center. The models are leaving behind “last season’s clothes” as a “shell of their former selves.” It was a complex two-day photo shoot. The photography method, which you can read about on the Taylor James website, combined an artistic eye and fascinating technology. The process for creating the cracked shell was very interesting to read about. Stunning!

Photography Of Taylor James

Photography By Taylor James

Photography By Taylor James

Photography By Taylor James

Photography By Taylor James

Photography By Taylor James

Image Credits: [My Modern Met] [Public Domain Pictures]

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