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Paper vs. Pixel: The Pixel’s Battle For Dominance In Design

Paper vs. Pixel: The Pixel’s Battle For Dominance In Design

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Back in the ’90s when I fell in love with my computer (and the sound of my modem connecting), I didn’t know what a pixel was. I saw pixels in 8-bit video games of course, but I had no clue what a pixel represented at that time. Back then, design was mostly focused about the old way of printing which involved paper. Instead of developing websites, companies would invest a small fortune in those big, colorful, glossy catalogs. I remember a time when I was at University that our mailbox would be filled with those kind of catalogs every day.

These days, thanks to all the incredible advances in technology, pixels are replacing paper in a lot of ways. Not only can digital art and advertising reach a broader audience online, but it is also more cost effective and saves a lot of time compared to the old ways of doing things. However, that’s not to say that paper is going away. Papercraft art, for example, is alive and well. We even feature it often on Bit Rebels. But when it comes to the design process, pixels are definitely more dominant.

Creative artist Luis Novero, from Madrid, created this project below called The Pixel’s Battle. According to Behance, Luis said, “It doesn’t claim the paper’s end, it just reflects what is happening in design nowadays.” What a simple yet very creative way to combine paper and pixels. It’s nice to see them playing nicely together. You can learn more about Luis at Luis Novero.





Via: [it8Bit]

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