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Paper Roll Portraits: Amazingly Creative Paper Art

Paper Roll Portraits: Amazingly Creative Paper Art

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I have always found it impressive to see how differently people look at a piece of paper. While some people might see an origami fold, other people see a funny comic. The range of things you can create with a piece of paper is endless, and the only thing that will really hold you back is your own imagination. The spectrum of things we have covered here on Bit Rebels when it comes to paper creations is of course immense, but there is always room for more when we come across something that truly deserves to be seen. Some people believe that you need to fold or draw something on a piece of paper in order to call it art, however that is ultimately incorrect.

Well, at least it is if you talk to paper design pioneer Anant Nanvare. By just rolling up colorful sheets of paper, positioning them in the right place, and carefully filling out the design with paper rolls in locations only mapped out in your own imagination, the artwork that Anant creates is stunning in its very own way. I find myself looking at these pictures over and over again just because the variety in them is perfect, if you can even put it like that.

It’s like the creativity never really ends. Once you spot a trail of colors, you are quickly transferred over to another trail of colors which will, in time, pull you through the whole portrait without you even knowing it. If you are thinking about doing it yourself though, make sure not to raid the office supply room since this will most likely take a lot of paper and time to create. I am sure your boss won’t approve even though your creativity is commendable. But then again, what is paper for now that pretty much everyone has a computer, right?

Colored Paper Roll Portrait Designs

Colored Paper Roll Portrait Designs

Colored Paper Roll Portrait Designs

Colored Paper Roll Portrait Designs

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September 14th, 2013

i do quilling on a small scale, not like that…. i’ll nev be able to do something like this, but sure is nice seeing that others can/are talented nuff to do so!

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