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Paper Bag Jacket For The Environmentally Aware

Paper Bag Jacket For The Environmentally Aware

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

When you think about recycling, what image pops into your head? I doubt it has anything to do with clothes, right? I guess it is the same for everyone. Recycling is a word that we have come to feature a lot here on Bit Rebels. Recycling is one of the most creative ways to realize your ideas when you don’t have a lot of money to spend on concept design. Furthermore, recycling is one of the most popular ways to create art, and it is increasingly dear to every geek’s heart. Of all the recycling articles we’ve written about, I don’t think we haven’t visited paper bags just yet, or at least not in the same quantity as the other recycling art forms. So what can you really do with a used paper bag anyway? Hmm, how about make a chic paper bag jacket?

Yeah, paper can be used for a lot of things, and as a recycling material, it is probably the most regenerative along with aluminum. But for designers, paper hasn’t been used more than to pattern and scale their textiles. But paper, as I said, is such a versatile material that you can really create almost anything with it. Bundle it together tightly, and you almost have a log once again. If you fold it and treat it, you can even create clothes out of it.

Artist (and paper pioneer) Aki Goto knows exactly how to create the unexpected with paper. She has been able to make a pretty neat, however odd, paper bag jacket that I am sure will make a few of you put that coffee down the wrong pipe. It’s a brown paper bag jacket that at first glance just might fool someone for a really worn leather jacket, but don’t be mistaken, it’s a paper bag jacket held together with some duck tape and stitches. Now the question is, how far are we prepared to go in order to recycle the materials that we use each and every day? Are we ready to walk around in paper bag jackets, or are they just reminding us how fragile life (and paper) can be if we don’t stay on top of our game? Either way, it’s an odd yet wonderful way to recycle paper, don’t you think? And yes, you can buy this one of a kind paper bag jacket over at United Bamboo for “just” $480. Like new!

Aki Goto’s Brown Paper Bag Jacket

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Via: [Ecouterre]

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