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Origami Art Fashion: Innovative Inflatable Foldable Origami Scarf

Origami Art Fashion: Innovative Inflatable Foldable Origami Scarf

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We’ve written about origami art too many times to count, but this is the first time for origami art that doubles as a lady’s inflatable scarf. Origami is such an interesting art form, and I wonder who the first person was who decided to incorporate it into fashion. A few years ago, I wrote about a dress made from 1,000 origami cranes (made from newspaper), but what I’m showing you today is on a whole different level. I guess you could call it inflatable origami fashion. It looks fabulous, and the way it works is so innovative.

This scarf, created by Monomatopee, is created from a very special flat origami fabric that feels like paper. Once you wrap the scarf around you, you can inflate it by blowing a little air into it, and then after that it’s all up to your imagination. You can fold it, smash it up, leave it straight, bunch it up like a flower, scrunch it into your own design, make it look like an inflated balloon, or don’t inflate it or fold it at all – just wear it as a shawl. As you see, the options are endless! If you click on the first image below to enlarge it, you’ll see a few options for inspiration.

One thing is for sure, if you are wearing this scarf, you can pretty much guarantee nobody else in the office is going to have one. It would definitely be a good conversation piece. This origami art scarf would fit well into the 6 items or less challenge that so many people are into right now. Since there are so many different ways to wear this, it could be a pivotal piece in a 6-item wardrobe. If you’d like to get one, just click over to Monomatopee which is the store in Tokyo that sells them.

10 Ways To Wear Origami Art Scarf

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