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One Line Star Wars Drawings Break All Boundaries

One Line Star Wars Drawings Break All Boundaries

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

It’s like it’s embedded in each newborn child that drawing is the ultimate form of creativity. As soon as we are able to put our small awareness into creativity, usually a pen is the first thing we’re faced with. We are amazed by the mastery of our own motor skills, even though they are less than impressive. And as our parents shine up in some kind of euphoric state, as if we are the next Rembrandt, we suddenly find that the pen and paper have suddenly become a part of our whole existence. This is usually the scenario when we are young, and our values are greatly rooted in this for the remainder of our time here on this earth.

For some people though, the pen and paper, and the art you are able to create with it, is just not enough. They have to go and break all our dreams of being the next known artist by seamlessly incorporating their brains into it. Suddenly we find ourselves in the trenches of ordinary people and as a crowd we silently watch what real mastery is all about. This is exactly what I feel like when I look at the art that Sam Hallows puts into the world.

Not only does this artist make any other art look dumb and unintentional, but he also goes to the one source of inspiration that we all here at Bit Rebels just can’t get enough of, Star Wars. With a pen and paper, an insane ability to visualize images, and with just one line to draw the exact thing, this master of the minds keep us in a trance. The result is not only mind boggling, but intentionally jaw dropping as well. I feel like I want to spend my entire day today just starting at the beginning and following those lines to the end of the drawings, as if I was apart of some cult that just has to see the truth in the statement of a “one liner.”






Via: [Technabob]

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