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Octopus Earbuds: The Ultimate Solution For Tangled Earbud Cords

Octopus Earbuds: The Ultimate Solution For Tangled Earbud Cords

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I have about ten pairs of earbuds, and without even looking at them, I can tell you that they are all somewhere in my house completely tangled up. One of my favorite parts of unboxing a new iPhone is seeing the earbuds neatly packaged in their little compartment. I try to leave them in there for the first few days because I know once I take them out, they will never be neatly stored like that again.

Tangled up earbud cords are especially annoying when traveling. I remember being on a 20-hour flight to China and my earbuds were tangled up to hell and back. It was such a pain to untwist them. I don’t know why, I mean, I had all the time in the world to sit there and meticulously untangle them, but I was cursing about it under my breath the whole time.

Designer David Dong-Hee Suh is on a mission to end tangled earbud cords forever. He created a nifty little design which is still only a concept at the moment, but I want a pair so badly! This would definitely bring a quality of life increase to those of us who use earbuds a lot. According to red dot online, “Inspired by the suction cups on the tentacles of the octopus the Octopus Earbuds are each fitted with a silicon flap that can be folded back from the earbud stem to form a suction cup.” In other words, they suction cup onto the screen of our device so they stay neatly wrapped around our iPhone. They can also be attached together, creating a secure way to carry them around our necks. Yup, I need this, pronto!

Ear Bud Tangled Cord Solution

Ear Bud Tangled Cord Solution

Ear Bud Tangled Cord Solution

Ear Bud Tangled Cord Solution

Ear Bud Tangled Cord Solution

Via: [Yanko Design]

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One Comment


February 21st, 2013

Another great solution for earbuds.

THE EARBUDS NIGHTMARE: How much time do you spend every day fighting with tangled-up earbuds? Life’s too short!

Yet there’s no good solution to either problem out there… NOT UNTIL NOW!

Kickstand and Earphone Storage for all iPhone & iPod touch models


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