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New World Record: Largest Comic Strip Ever Created

New World Record: Largest Comic Strip Ever Created

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Just this past weekend, a group of students in France decided they were going to snag the new world record for the largest comic strip ever created. However, if you know about the Guinness Book of World Records, you know it’s no joke. There are very specific rules each person or group in that book has had to follow in order to be officially granted their prestigious award. This endeavor was no exception.

In order to achieve their goal, not only would the students have to create a comic strip longer than 889 meters which was the previous record set by a group of artists in India, but they would also have to do everything from start to finish within a 24 hour period.

Long story short… 11 writers, 111 designers, a ton of students, 250 markers, a stack of paper which weighed 800 kilograms and a ton of hard work later, they did it! Their comic strip measured 1,000 meters long. It was a simple black and white comic strip with no words. The students hung it alongside the Rhone River, and the people who passed by and saw the design loved it because it was drawn in a way that the story was easy to understand.

By Sunday evening, it was time to take it all down. However, I’m sure their feeling of accomplishment will linger for a very long time. Each part of the comic was scanned in hi-res and will be part of a very special album. To see each piece of this soon to be legendary comic strip for yourself, just click over to La Plus Grande Bande Dessinee du Monde. Congratulations to everyone involved with this project!

Biggest Comic Strip Ever Made

Biggest Comic Strip Ever Made

Biggest Comic Strip Ever Made

Biggest Comic Strip Ever Made

Biggest Comic Strip Ever Made

Biggest Comic Strip Ever Made

Via: [Oddity Central] [Le Post]

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