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    Everything needs change with the passage of time and with the demand of time. In this scenario changes in a logo is very important thing. Lots of multinational companies and world famous businesses do miner changes in their existing logo with the passage of time and on some special occasions. Your shared information is very helpful to understand the needs of a business.

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    caroline 3 years

    Very interesting write-up for those who already have a logo. There is much precedent for logo redesign and we even saw some major successes in 2014 – Netflix, Southwest, Foursquare and Paypal. It is always advisable to try and look at a logo in the context of various internet standards but for professional designers just starting up I would suggest checking out this article from Webydo.

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    your opinion is excellent to about how to need new logo. your writing structure is awesome and your design is too good. i like your post and your blog.

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