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Move Over Pepsi, Coke Is On BitRebels Now!

Move Over Pepsi, Coke Is On BitRebels Now!

7 Years Ago By Diana Adams

The writers here at BitRebels often gain inspiration from one another and write follow ups to each others articles. This is one such article. My Twitter friend and fellow BitRebels writer, @mistygirlph, recently wrote an amazing article entitled “Awesome Pepsi Soccer Commercials”

This was a great article with some very funny commercials; however, it’s time for a follow up. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. About ten minutes away from where I live is the Coca-Cola World Headquarters.

It is a beautiful 29 story tall building with the bright red Coke logo so colossal and majestic you can see it for miles. Sometimes when I’m strolling midtown with my pups, I see tourists lined up outside for the daily tours.

Here in Atlanta, unless you are at Pizza Hut or Taco Bell, you can only order Coke (I’m sure there are exceptions to this, but none that I can think of). Everyone here loves Coke. Even back in the days when there was a Coke/Pepsi rivalry, there was never any contest in Atlanta. I wouldn’t, under any circumstances, ever voluntarily buy a Pepsi. No offense to Pepsi, that is just how it is when you live in Atlanta.

So when my wonderful friend @mistygirlph wrote that Pepsi article, I knew right then that I had to follow up with a Coke article. It’s only right. Move over Pepsi, Coke is on BitRebels now!

I love Coca-Cola commercials almost as much as I love drinking Coke, so I found some of the best of the best to feature below. I would like to credit for all the vintage Coca-Cola artwork featured below.

Coke is simply the best! Enjoy!

This is the original groundbreaking video/jingle from the now very famous 1971Coca-Cola commercial:

We say “Jinx, buy me a coke” in my house almost every day. This commercial is from Superbowl 2008:

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