Montblanc Honors Albert Einstein With An Elegant Pen Design

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When I think about who the first geek was, the one who paved the way for all the rest of us, my mind always goes to Albert Einstein. Although most of us will never know what it’s like to have a genius mind like his, he definitely made it cool to be curious about the world and how it works. I’m a huge fan of Montblanc pens, and when I read about this limited-edition Albert Einstein Montblanc pen design, I knew I had to share it with you.

According to Montblanc, “The Great Characters Edition 2013 pays homage to Albert Einstein, whose genius redefined the universe. With milestone discoveries like the theory of relativity, Einstein revealed profound truths that gave the scientific community a way of unlocking the previously unknown mysteries of the Universe.” Each pen represents a thousandth of the value of the speed of light, and has E=mc2 and some of his other formulas engraved into it.

The pens themselves are made of platinum and 18-carat gold. Each one also has the word “einsteinium” engraved into it, which is the chemical element that was named after him. We wouldn’t be where we are in science, technology or space if it wasn’t for Albert Einstein and his unprecedented contributions to our world. I love that Montblanc has decided to honor him in this way. Montblanc started selling these pen designs on January 1st, and since they are limited edition, once they sell out, there won’t be more made. They created 1,500 fountain pens and 1,500 ballpoint pens. They’ve decided not to sell these online, so the only way to get one is to go to a Montblanc store that sells them. If you want to check out some more luxurious pen designs, click over to Montblanc Fountain Pen Porn To Drool Over.

The Montblanc Albert Einstein Pen Design






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  • Roger Kenton says:

    The Montblanc Einstein pen and ink were a hit and we sold a ton of ink to our customers. They were really impressed with it.

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