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Modern Architecture on an unexpected street.

Modern Architecture on an unexpected street.

8 Years Ago By Andrea La Valleur

Modern architecture has always fascinated me. I love the use of materials, textures and shapes, which I also consider in my own artwork as a designer and sculptor. A new 2300 sqft residence in Bangalore (India) recently caught my attention. The architects (Cadence) cast the street-facing walls in concrete, utilizing die-cuts as a decorative pattern. Not only are they a refreshing texture on the façade, they also double as a light-source during the day. Traditional homes in this area feature an enclosed courtyard on the lower level, however this layout incorporates the courtyard on the second level, allowing for parking or terrace space at street level. I love the unique aspects of this house for its location. You often hear of lavish, beautiful designs in architecture, however the homes are often found in the hills of Los Angeles, the mountains of Denver or the beaches of a beautiful island. Refreshing.


More pictres here.Photos by Clare Arnie

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