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Minimalistic vs. Over The Top Transformers 3 Posters

Minimalistic vs. Over The Top Transformers 3 Posters

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I guess you could say I am not really up-to-date with movies lately, at least the ones that were just released. I especially mean Transformers 3. I have been gearing up to watch that badboy for a while now, and I even made some inquiries in regards to its awesomeness on my Twitter. The reply was, well let’s say, it was more than I had ever expected. It feels I am still answering the replies. My first thought was that I managed to engage pretty much all of my almost 80,000 followers at once by mentioning the Transformers movie. It’s not bad considering that it’s a love vs. hate movie, or so it seems.

We are once again faced with the decision about whether or not to judge the movie poster. Well, true to our trade, we are going to show you a few new ones designed by various artists who have a different view of the Transformers franchise. Let’s just say they are on different sides of each other. One likes the minimalistic approach, while the other one is all for the over the top approach. Both are of course awesome; however, I think it depends on what your preference is, and it’s here where your part comes in.

First we have Peter Afshar who prefers the minimalistic approach, and his is what you could probably call Tron art. It’s created using just lines to create a couple of Autobots to promote the movie. It’s a brilliant approach that takes a while to create due to the realism he wants to portray in his images. On the other side, we have Jesse Philips, who converted the ordinary Transformers poster into a chaotic scene of gears and gadgets. He makes it all look, well, nothing less than awesome! Once again, the question is what approach do you prefer the best?

Awesome Transformers 3 Movie Posters

Awesome Transformers 3 Movie Posters

Awesome Transformers 3 Movie Posters

Awesome Transformers 3 Movie Posters

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