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A World Of Miniature People Living On Green Fingernails

A World Of Miniature People Living On Green Fingernails

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Miniature art and art with miniature people has gotten so popular over the past few years. As with everything, some people take it to the ultimate extreme. I remember a few years ago I wrote about a guy who molds elaborate scenes on top of a pin using an eyelash as his tool and a magnifying glass. He said one time he worked on a sculpture all day, but then he accidentally sneezed on it, and he had to start all over since he blew it to smithereens.

The art with miniature people that I’d like to share with you today isn’t that tiny, but that doesn’t mean it’s not extraordinary in its own way. Artist Alice Bartlett created this miniature world on her own fingertips. As it turns out, the reason Alice decided to take on this extreme nail art was only because she thought it would make an interesting photography collection. She was definitely right about that. When she was finished, she took the miniature people off her nails and glued them around her house to surprise people who come to visit.

She bought the miniature people for her nail art scenes at a hobby store. They were originally part of a model train set. As you can see, before she attached them to her nails, she created little grassy fields on each nail. She took all these pictures herself by holding the camera in one hand and positioning the scenes in the other. You can see the full photography collection on Alice’s Flickr page. You will also see a ton of her other photography there also. As talented as she is at creative photography, at her day job she is a computer coder. She is definitely proof that computer coders can be very talented artists too!

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Via: [Toxel] [Design Milk]

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February 25th, 2016

Oh my god that’s so cute ! Who would’ve thought of that ?

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