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Matchheads: Famous People Sculpted From Matchsticks

Matchheads: Famous People Sculpted From Matchsticks

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

If you’ve ever found yourself wandering down the path of creativity, you know that coming up with something unique isn’t exactly the easiest of tasks. When you do, it can be as fulfilling as the most profound moments in your life. Not only will it give you the satisfaction of feeling as if you have accomplished something, but it will also be a testament to your power to fully finish a project you have set out to complete. Projects always vary in size, and what we see are two different choices. Gone are the moderate or usual sized projects. People are undertaking either micro projects, which ironically can take even longer to finish than large ones, or projects of epic proportions, which they know beforehand are going to take up to 3-4 years to complete.

What drives these people is a mystery to many, especially when the job must be as monotone as the one I am about to show you. These are Matchhead Sculptures created by matchstick artist, David Mach. It’s a project that I think few would even consider undertaking once they’ve seen the epic nature of it. One by one, the matchsticks have been pierced into the soft foundation block to make up the curves, features and depth that each one of David’s sculptures is made up of.

The sculptures are truly breathtaking, and when you start thinking about the time consuming process of just placing one matchstick at a time, you quickly understand that this is nothing you do overnight. It’s a labor of love that would keep you busy for days and days, if not weeks. The sculptures span from Marilyn Monroe to Charley Chaplin, and there are a lot of them. They are as colorful as you can imagine, and they are all made up of thousands and thousands of matchsticks. Impressive to say the least!

Amazing Matchstick Head Sculptures Portraits

Amazing Matchstick Head Sculptures Portraits

Amazing Matchstick Head Sculptures Portraits

Amazing Matchstick Head Sculptures Portraits

Amazing Matchstick Head Sculptures Portraits

Via: [Walyou]

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