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Massively Impressive Atari Game Case Artwork

Massively Impressive Atari Game Case Artwork

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The concept of art encompasses such a vast aspect of perceptions, and there is no way you could ever cover it all in one article. What I mean by that is that art is, as we’ve said many times before, in the eye of the beholder. Categorizing art will never be possible. It would be from one person’s perspective in that case, and that’s when we know we have already failed. Art is bigger than the brushstrokes on a canvas or the carefully welded joints on a sculpture. It’s whatever you want it to be. I once saw a guy in a series on TV that spent millions of dollars building a new house, and he decorated it with a brand new $125,000 Dukati motorcycle hung on the wall in his huge living room. To him, that was art.

When it comes to gamers, art can be a landslide of things. For Hollis Brown Thornton; however, things are a little different. The art Hollis creates is something most of us lingering on the Bit Rebels site are all familiar with. Hollis actually draws the cases from Atari games. Don’t go thinking it’s just one single case after another though. It’s a whole tapestry of games, all bundled into one picture.

Once you start looking at them, you will quickly feel the retro feeling creep upon you. The cases are stunningly retrofied, and not only are they well done, but the thing that strikes me is that in an instant I remember the games when I come across one that I recognize. The cartridges are also visualized in my head, and that is my perspective to this particular work of art. How can you not like the retro in these images? Brilliant!

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Atari Case Tapestry Art Collection

Atari Case Tapestry Art Collection

Atari Case Tapestry Art Collection

Atari Case Tapestry Art Collection

Atari Case Tapestry Art Collection

Atari Case Tapestry Art Collection

Via: [Geek-Art]

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