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Logo Typography | Mixing to be Greater

Logo Typography | Mixing to be Greater

7 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Creating a nice logo takes time. So does creating great typography. But what happens when you combine the two and put it into motion? Well, I found this small clip and I was actually quite intrigued. Is this something no one has thought about? I tried really hard to see if I could find any other clips but no. This is certainly a genre that could get developed.

What I did find though however was a slew of logo animations but that’s not the same thing. Imagine the impact it would have if we started creating Logo Typography instead of each by themselves. I’d certainly like to see what could be created by the bright minds out there. I had wished for a more in depth article here but unfortunately this is something that just hasn’t been explored that much.

If you know or have created “Logo Typography” please contact Bit Rebels and we’ll definitely do an article about it. Creativity can’t be stopped, as long as it’s being though up.

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