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Logo Design | Time Lapse Study

Logo Design | Time Lapse Study

7 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Creating a logo for a company is quite a task to undertake each time. It’s important to know that it’s not just to push some pixels into a design and then call it a logo. There is much more that goes in to it and it is usually taking a long time to come up with the right design that speaks to the company requested the new logo as well as the customers the company is aimed towards. The more information about the product/company you are given the more you will be able to pinpoint their speciality in the logo as well as the uniqueness in their approach.

Factors vary from the company’s name to the very process they produce their products that they offer their customers. To find a way to present them in a single logo is a lot harder then one can imagine and it usually takes several sketches (as you will see) in order to come up with the right one to modify and refine to meet the criteria that you think the client is after. There are usually also several logos and variations presented to the client on order to cover your base so to speak. In most cases they find exactly what they need choosing from 5-6 different designs and modifications.

Watch this time lapse video to see the whole process before your eyes. A process that usually takes a day or two to really capture the best and inspiring logo. Process goes from simple doodling, sketching to creating a vector model of the logo in Illustrator.

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February 21st, 2017

I did a study time lapse one time and i was really proud of it, I love the way you did this video. It’s so inspiring. great work that’s beautifully written, thank you for posting.

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