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Decorative Star Wars Wall LEGO Mosaics For Sci-Fi Geeks

Decorative Star Wars Wall LEGO Mosaics For Sci-Fi Geeks

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

As a geek, you know pimpin’ out your home is one of the most important tasks on your to-do list. I mean, you wouldn’t want people to think you aren’t a geek, right? Nah, but there is something special about cult movies, and the way you can use them to decorate your home. A simple old school movie poster could get a discussion going when you invite people into your home. It can really be that simple. But when it comes to doing it in geeky style, you definitely have to incorporate LEGO somehow, am I correct? You have to calculate that it will take you quite a long time to put your wall art together if you want it to look inspiring and professional. That is exactly what UK based artist Douglas Bagnall experienced when he created his LEGO mosaic art.

These geeky pieces of Star Wars LEGO mosaics look amazing, and they will definitely brighten any room. As Douglas experienced, building these fine LEGO mosaics wasn’t exactly an afternoon project. The R2-D2 wall LEGO mosaic is a 30 x 40 inch creation that took 12,288 1 x 1 pixel LEGO blocks to finish. If we look at the 30 x 30 inch Stormtrooper LEGO mosaic, it took “just” 9,216 1 x 1 pixel blocks to complete. Yeah, it’s not an afternoon project for sure.

These creative wall decorations are of course something that you will have to take time to build, but if you feel you just can’t live without them, you can always purchase them directly from Douglas’ Etsy store. Don’t think they’ll be cheap though. They are quite labor intensive, and they will set you back a hefty lot. The Star Wars logo LEGO mosaic, for example, will cost you around $1,300. Maybe it is worth it since you will be getting a pretty cool art piece that you will be able to impress people with. Maybe you can even take it apart when you don’t want it anymore, I don’t know. The amount of LEGO pieces that these are made up of certainly wasn’t free, so the cost might be justified by that. If you want geeky art, you have to pay for it I guess.

Douglas Bagnall’s Star Wars LEGO Mosaics

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Via: [Technabob]

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March 26th, 2013

BAH! Check out some good mosaics…


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