Knuckle Kitties: Keychain Doubles As A Badass Self-Defense Weapon

Aww… these cute little plastic kitty keychains look so adorable, right? Well, they are banned in 6 states, so think again. This is one of those products that appears to have one purpose but really has another. We always say that the simpler the better when it comes to design, and it doesn’t get much simpler than this… but there’s more than you might expect here.

This is a knuckle weapon designed for self-defense. That’s right, these are knuckle kitties. You just walk around looking cute with your little plastic keychain and if an attacker approaches you, you simply put your two fingers through the eyes of the cat and suddenly this is a weapon.

It was designed to strike the eyes of an attacker, but it will inflict pain and injury on any any fleshy part of the body. Ouch, I bet that would hurt! I’m pretty sure a bad guy (or gal) wouldn’t see this coming. These aren’t made from ordinary plastic either. It’s an advanced plastic material that is ultra tough and very difficult to break. You can order one of these Kitty Keychain Self-Defense Devices for only $6. You have to be at least 18-years old to order one, you cannot live in one of the states where it is outlawed, and you are responsible for any damages caused by misuse. In other words, this thing is definitely not a toy!




Via: [Book of Joe]


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    Sanbai 5 years

    Nice! Think I’ll get one…

  • comment-avatar
    gene croyle 5 years

    Can the knuckle kitties still be purchased? thanks, gene

  • comment-avatar
    self-defense 2 years

    I also want to know where to buy this..

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