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iSimpsons: If The Simpsons Had iPods

iSimpsons: If The Simpsons Had iPods

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I know some people think product placement in movies and television shows is cheesy, but if it’s done well, I think it makes the movie or show even better. I love seeing my favorite fictitious characters with the same gadgets as I have. It makes them seem more real to me. Product placement in an animated movie or show is a little more tricky, but we still see it often.

Sometimes the producers of movies are able to slip products in there so naturally that you don’t even notice it. And sometimes, it even becomes part of the culture of the show itself. For example, do you consider the spinach in Popeye as product placement? If you do, I’m sure that show was responsible for a lot of kids eating it back when it was popular. Since Popeye isn’t known for eating a certain brand of spinach, I suppose that isn’t product placement in the traditional sense.

The Chevrolet Camaro (Bumblebee) in Transformers is one of my favorites of all time, and it made that car seem sleek, sexy and strong. Gadget product placement in The Simpsons is not uncommon. If you click over to this blog, you’ll see Lisa with a snazzy work station, and Bart with his friend who is typing on a touchscreen gadget with a cartoon Apple logo on the back. Artist ~Mickey-LBG from deviantART decided to put his own spin on Apple product placement on The Simpsons in his illustrations below. I thought the way he put these together was really creative. I like the simplicity of the shapes and colors. Enjoy!






Via: [thaeger]

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