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Incredible Coffee Spill Portrait

Incredible Coffee Spill Portrait

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I am not much of a coffee drinker, I have to admit. However, when I drink coffee, I mostly drink a latte. Some people don’t even call it coffee since it has so much milk in it. But that doesn’t keep me from being impressed when someone tells me they have created something based on coffee. Well, maybe I am skipping too much information here, so let’s rewind a bit and take it from the beginning. When you have had a cup of coffee, you know how the cup sometimes get all stained and nasty? Some people actually call that art… in a way. They have found a way to actually use that spill as a painting method which gives you a viewing experience like no other.

Just have a look at the mesmerizing art created by artist Hong Yi who has perfected the art of using a soiled coffee cup to create patterns that she molds into insanely awesome portraits. When you first have a look at her art up close, you don’t really see the forest for the trees, if you will. But when you step back a couple of feet, it becomes quite clear that there is a great dedication and an eye for perfection that has created this piece of artwork.

We are used to seeing some great artwork over here at Bit Rebels, but usually never this… original. This kind of art must certainly be discovered by accident or by someone so creative that he or she could possibly have picked up a piece of paper and managed to create a mock up of the next generation space shuttle. You have to weigh in that she must carefully position the cup in order to make the right “stain” to make the overall image into something that you will at least see what it is. This piece is so masterfully done that you will keep wondering how she managed to perfect the skill to the degree where the artwork is nothing less than brilliant and as clear as it can be. This is what I call creativity. Now, where is my cup of latte?





Via: [Illusion]

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