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Incredible Building Made Entirely Out Of Books

Incredible Building Made Entirely Out Of Books

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Of all the things that have been in our lives, books certainly have to be the ones that have been there the longest. They have been in our grandparent’s lives and in their grandparent’s lives also. We could go back a long time, and books would still be the main medium for text. That has all changed with tablets, specifically the iPad and the Nook. There are of course a ton of tablets out there that deserve to be named, but I guess these are the ones that are making headlines at the moment, and so I wanted to highlight their importance. What will happen to all the books once these tablets take over where books failed to deliver?

My guess is that we will recycle, toss out or just store them somewhere for future reference, whatever that may be. Matej Kren is an artist of a different caliber. The focus of this amazing brain has before taken us through book stacking adventures that we have never seen. This time around, we will witness something that I don’t think many people have ever witnessed before. It’s an amazing building structure created entirely out of books.

When I look at this extraordinary feat, I am really at a loss for words, however lame that might sound. Using thousands upon thousands of books, Matej managed to create what most of us never thought was possible. There are 30 foot ceilings, hallways and some truly insane inner rooms which have come to create a sense of terror in the visitors who go inside. This sense is all created with light and mirrors that bend our reality to a point where we do not recognize our own thought pattern. It’s amazing what book stacking can really do if you know how to do it. Another good thing is that we finally have a second hand use for books without destroying them as well. It’s brilliant and utterly amazing!






Via: [MAMbo]

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