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The Impact Of Choosing The Right Logo Color [Infographic]

The Impact Of Choosing The Right Logo Color [Infographic]

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

When you come up with an idea or concept that you think could become successful, the last thing you probably think about is the actual logo color you want to you use for your brand. It’s important to understand that every decision you make around your brand is an important one. Sometimes it will take time to develop a strong brand identity, and even choosing the right logo color could have a future impact on how your brand will perform in this hectic and competitive online business environment.

Color has always had a huge impact on how people react to a product. It’s apparent when you look at some of the world’s most successful brands. Take Coca Cola for example. They have managed to create a multinational mega brand that pretty much every person on the face of the planet who lives in a somewhat civilized area of the world knows about. Their brand’s logo color is red, and it stands for excitement, action, passion and a whole lot of other things. Suddenly, I think most of you realize why their ads and commercials usually feature ripped, half-naked people drinking Coca Cola, right?

We have talked about brand colors here on Bit Rebels many times before, and it’s always been a popular and well received topic. And, it’s always a topic worth visiting again. Let’s consult a fresh infographic called The Impact Of Color In Your Logo Design, presented by British Design Experts (design by Marek Miś). If you want to identify your own brand’s characteristics and express them through your logo color, this infographic should come in mighty handy.

By just identifying what your characteristics are (or should be), you can easily find the color that expresses what you’re after. Remember though, your website design and pretty much all the designs around your brand will be affected by the logo color you choose. It will dictate the website color backgrounds, elements and even the color of your business cards. It all depends on your logo color in the end. Being aware of just how important the logo color is makes it easier to predict the initial response to your brand’s identity. Your brand’s identity is your customer’s first impression of your brand, so think about it a lot before you go and choose what characteristics your brand should express.

British Design Experts‘ Logo Color Impact Infographic


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