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How To Make The Perfect Cocktail [Infographics]

How To Make The Perfect Cocktail [Infographics]

6 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We’ve really been getting into infographics lately. They are fun, colorful and a great way to get a lot of information at a glance. It seems infographics are popping up everywhere these days, and about every subject.

I worked in a very popular bar for a few years while I was attending University. I remember on the nights I worked, at the beginning of the night, people were always picky about their drinks and how they were made. The really did want them to be perfect cocktails.

However, by about 1am when the music was cranked, everyone was dancing, and beautiful people were everywhere, suddenly it didn’t matter how the drinks were fixed. All the bartenders were so busy that we just slung the liquor over ice, and everyone was happy. I was underage when I worked there, and it was an experience I’ll never forget.  A Brazilian illustrator named Fabio Rex recently created this stunning collection of infographics called A Perfect Drink. These very simple illustrations are beautifully put together, and the charming little ingredients, written in Portuguese, make them even more fun. These are very nice Fabio!

Cocktail Drink Recipe Infographics

Cocktail Drink Recipe Infographics

A Perfect Drink Infographics Collection

A Perfect Drink Infographics Collection

Cocktail Drink Recipe Infographics

A Perfect Drink Infographic Collection

A Perfect Drink Infographic Illustrations

Via: [Data Visualization] Image Credit: [Triling Studio LTd. / Shutterstock]

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