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How To: Make Envelopes From Used Dryer Sheets

How To: Make Envelopes From Used Dryer Sheets

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We love our planet a lot, and we write a lot of articles here on Bit Rebels about how to repurpose, recycle and reuse everyday items so that our planet has a chance to survive a little longer. Although I recycle a lot myself, there are some things that I just never thought were recycle-able if you know what I mean. Like, for example, I would never think to reuse the itty-bitty crumbs that fall off my toast, my own naval lint or used dryer sheets. If you thought that too, think again, because apparently one of those things (thank gosh not the naval lint) can actually serve another purpose.

As an aside, I read a while back that putting a dryer sheet in your pocket will keep the mosquitoes from biting you. Since I don’t like to use that nasty insect repellant, I tried the dryer-sheet method last summer and got my entire body chomped on by mosquitoes all season. Pfffft. I was a reminder not to believe everything I read. Either that, or I must taste like candy to those little buggers.

Back to repurposing used dryer sheets into something practical… Jen, the blogger behind Sunny Vanilla, recently wrote about how she created envelopes from used dryer sheets. The only materials you need for this project are the actual dryer sheets, an iron, a ruler, a marker, some buttons and some sew-in velcro. Since transparent envelopes are all the rage in the fancy paper shops, this little project is not only relevant, but also very clever. You can view the pictures below to get a feel for how she did it, or click over to Upcycle: Used Dryer Sheet Envelopes for the complete tutorial. Brilliant!

Make Art From Trash

Make Art From Trash

Make Art From Trash

Make Art From Trash

Make Art From Trash

Via: [Sunny Vanilla] [GreenCraft Magazine]

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