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How To Create Animated and Talking Pictures!

How To Create Animated and Talking Pictures!

7 Years Ago By Misty Belardo

After we take pictures, we either make a scrap book or upload them to our favorite social networking sites so we can share them with all our friends and family.

Did you know that you can actually add some effects to your photos to create a unique and fun new way to share them? What if you can make your photos sing? Or talk?  What if you can animate your photos easily?

Here at Bit Rebels, we love sharing cool applications that can help you customize and personalize your photos before you share them! Here are some applications that will help you create talking and animated photos! This is so much fun! The only limit will be the limit you place on your own creativity!

Fotobabble – lets you create talking photos in two clicks. Simply upload a photo and then record your voice directly through your computer to create a talking photo. You can easily share it by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or embed it into a blog or website.  It’s free and all completely web-based. No software to download, just register and get started in seconds.

PQ Talking Photos – PQ Talking Photo let you convert any photo into a talking character – with just a few clicks. Great for your blog, photo album or Facebook. Make funny greeting cards to surprise your friends. Make a pet’s talk show just like what you’ve seen in Hollywood movies. The only difference is that you now can put your own animals into the show.

Photosmasher – Allows you to animate your photos easily! How fun!  I included videos too! There is a step by step guide below.

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January 20th, 2013

Can you please tell me where can I download Photo Smasher?


February 8th, 2014

ohh just click the photo smasher

N.C.R.'s lover

January 31st, 2013

I can’t find it either! What gives?!


February 9th, 2013

Can you tell me where i can download photosmasher and media smasher please.Thanks steven


April 13th, 2013



August 31st, 2013

Can you tell me where i can download photo smasher.


October 5th, 2013

ni h

Animate Me - Talking Photos

February 6th, 2014

You can also easily create talking photos and animate photos with the new Animate Me app for iPhone and iPad. Create funny videos of yourself, animate your face, make your pets talk, make any photo talk and animate to any sound you apply.

Check out our YouTube channel for example funny videos!

I hope you check out the demo video!


March 16th, 2015

still can’t find where to download photo smasher? what site exactly?


September 3rd, 2015

Why waste every ones time when you can’t down load it

Deziz World

July 23rd, 2016

I’m looking for a way to do this and make my cats talk on a computer and not a phone or tablet. Are there any sites or downloads for this?


December 22nd, 2016

For the most realistic talking photos, try the free talkr app for iOS.

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