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Creative Hollow Chair Design Gives You All Kinds Of Extra Space

Creative Hollow Chair Design Gives You All Kinds Of Extra Space

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We’ve written a ton of articles about ways to optimize your living space, especially if you are living in a small apartment or even a room. Although, I don’t think I’ve ever written about a creative piece of furniture that will provide you with a bunch of extra space and look good doing it. This creative chair design is definitely something I’d like to have in my house. It’s called a Hollow Chair, and just as the name implies, it has a hollowed out storage space built into the chair itself.

The thing that makes this so creative is that it will provide you with extra storage space without adding anything else to the room. It would be easy to put a box for stuff in the room, or an extra coffee table to stack your stuff on. But with this chair design, the space is within the chair itself, so it creates the ultimate minimalist style.

Think of all the things you could put in that space. You wouldn’t have to just use this chair design for storage space either. You could also use it for decorating. You could put tons of lights in there to light up the room during the holidays, or you could put your cat’s food and water dish in there. The options are endless. This is one of the most inspiring chair designs I’ve seen in a while. It was created by Straight Line Designs, Inc. I don’t know if it’s for sale anywhere, but I’m sure if you were interested in getting one, you could contact them directly. If you want to see another creative chair design, check out the Chair Snuggie. It will wrap you in a blanket, button you up, and keep you toasty all winter long.

Creative Hollow Chair Design Gives You All Kinds Of Extra Space

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S. Beckes

February 26th, 2013

I think this chair is great for kids rooms.

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