High Heels For Men: Yeah, I’m For Real

I’ve often read that America is becoming more “feminine” all the way around, but I never really thought there was much validity to that until recently. I remember about a year ago when I wrote an article about Mantyhose (pantyhose for men). They weren’t designed just for fashion conscious gay men either, but rather for all men everywhere. The men in the ads were hot, and I’ve never really looked at a pair of pantyhose the same way again.

Now apparently the trend is evolving even further since more and more men are wearing high heel shoes. I’m not talking about chunky platform shoes like what they wore in the ’70s, but I’m talking about full on stilettos.

I suppose the days of women having all the options when it comes to fashion are over, or at least it’s heading in that direction. According to this article, one man said, “It’s a power thing. You’re higher than everybody else. You walk a different way. It makes your legs look better.” Ahhh… hello… women have been saying that same thing for years. Now you understand first hand why we wear them. They make us look better on the outside, and they make us feel better on the inside. If you want to read more about this, check out A Tall Tale, but True: Men in Heels in the New York Times.




Via: [Oddity Central] Image Credits: [High Heels Passion]


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    Dave 4 years

    Guys in Rock bands from the 70’s and 80’s wore heels. Motley Crüe, New York Dolls, etc. If the guy can rock his look then who cares, it’s just a shoe with some personality.

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    Marcy 4 years

    Wow, you might want to actually do a little research into the history of the high heel. Around the 10th century Persian soldiers invented them to ride easier and stay in their stirrups,they were then adopted by male aristocracy, and around the 1600’s started to become popular with female aristocracy as well. That little fashion staple was invented and became popular by MEN. We stole the trend from them not vice versa.

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    sf 4 years

    I am a straight married guy, and I have been wearing high heels since 1995. I like the look, and feel of high heels. Mens shoes just don’t do it for me, no style.
    Plus, wearing heels can be fun !!!!!

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    james johnstone 3 years

    i am a straight married man and i wear heels all the time.I love the feeling of power and confidence that wearing stiletto heels in a busy public place gives me.My wife now always knows what to get me for birthdays and christmas.

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    randy 10 months

    I have 6 pairs of heels from wedges to 6 in stilettos love wearing them with my hose around the house gives that fashion look.

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    Histiletto 9 months

    Now that we know men can and are wearing high heels, I expect more men will take advantage of this opportunity to break out of their stereotypical mold and start wearing them openly. Like all apparel, high heels are to be worn by those who choose to. Other people or groups shouldn’t have the power to decide what an individual wears. Each person has their own perspective, tastes, and skill, which determines what they want to adorn with. Nature set it up this way so we could visually express our personality by what we chose to wear. Let’s take back our right to choose our own look through appareling. High heels should have been a choice for those at the proper age to wear.

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    Franziska 4 weeks

    Yes, the men should look beautiful, desirable and also conquer the blockade. Here are high heels ideal, because it was a domain of women.

    Today, more men should wear high heels, their walk becomes more erotic, the height increases and I would love men who like me, master high heels and wear and show them in public.

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