Heineken Beer Inspired Men’s Shoes Look Surprisingly Sharp

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People sport their favorite brands on their clothes all the time, and when I first heard there was a pair of shoes created for Heineken beer lovers, I figured they were going to look along the same lines as a cheesy Budweiser t-shirt or Corona baseball cap. It turns out, I was way wrong, and these Heineken beer styled shoes look surprisingly sharp. They have a preppy look to them, and the green color on the heel pops, but in a good way.

Heineken is starting to get a reputation for surprising people with their stylish collaborations, and this one is another one in their long line of successes. They teamed up with Union LA (a retail store) and designer Mark McNairy to create this shoe as part of their Heineken 100 Program. The shoe itself is all leather and represents Heineken’s taste in quality. The kelly green sole of the shoe, which of course will remind you of Heineken beer, is a really nice touch, and my favorite part.

When you think of the word “Heineken,” you probably think of Heineken beer, but the company has also had their name attached to headphones, watches, t-shirts, sneakers, caps and duffle bags. By teaming up with a progressive fashion-forward designer like Mark McNairy, they’ve ensured another win with these modern yet classic shoes. I don’t know how much they cost or when exactly you can get them. If you are interested in getting some of these for yourself, you can contact Union LA to ask them about the purchasing deets. Now the only question is, why didn’t they make some of these for the ladies? I wouldn’t mind having a pair of these shoes in the exact same colors, only in a chic stiletto style with an open toe. I know…wishful thinking.

Heineken Beer Inspired Men’s Shoes






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