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Guy Builds Life-Size Ford Mustang Coupe Entirely Out Of Paper

Guy Builds Life-Size Ford Mustang Coupe Entirely Out Of Paper

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There are a lot of dedicated designers and conceptual artists out there who take their work quite seriously. Their time is measured in their latest project, and even if it takes them 10 years to finish something, they see it as invested equity in their art, which will add to the value of the artwork itself. I don’t know what the formula is exactly, but I am sure it’s something like this that artist’s work against. The longer something takes to create, the more thought they will have poured into it. As a result, the project should have a better chance of getting some major attention. I have always wondered how they keep their focus during the really long projects, but I guess until I know what I am talking about, I will never understand. Maybe it’s just pure dedication and inspiration. That goes along way, I tell you!

Artist and paper extraordinaire Jonathan Brand is in a league of his own. I have never, and I mean NEVER, seen something or someone so dedicated to their trade as this guy. Jonathan is actually in the process of building a life-size Ford Mustang Coupe entirely out of paper. Yes, that’s right. Every part of it, down to the very last bolt, will be made out of paper.

Not only is it made out of paper, Jonathan has also incorporated magnets to make sure that everything will be able to be put together when all the parts are finished. The video demonstrates this and some of the parts (the spark plug is AMAZING) that Jonathan has already created. I thought Diana’s and my work here at Bit Rebels took some dedication, but DAMN! This guy must have the patience of… I don’t know what! It’s just mind boggling how much time he must have spent so far on this thing. He estimates the build to take somewhere between 7-8 years. We’re talking years here! What is the longest amount of time you have ever spent on a design, drawing or just anything creative? I bet you’re not even getting close to that long, are you?

Mustang Coupe made Of Paper

Mustang Coupe made Of paper

Mustang Coupe made Of paper

Mustang Coupe made Of paper

Mustang Coupe made Of paper

Mustang Coupe made Of paper

Mustang Coupe made Of paper

Via: [Colossal]

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