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Geek Style: A Dress Made With 10,000 Embroidered LEDs

Geek Style: A Dress Made With 10,000 Embroidered LEDs

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Usually geek fashions aren’t flashy like some other styles, but if you wore this dress, you’d be brightly blinging all night long. This flowing beauty was created with 10,000 embroidered LEDs. It’s called the “Aurora” dress because it was inspired by the aurora borealis which is basically a natural light show in the sky.

This dress also has hundreds of Swarovski crystals adorning it, and as you see in the pictures below, it creates a goddess effect in the silk-chiffon. It was made by CuteCircuit, and it’s one of the finest pieces of high-tech couture I’ve seen in a while. It contains all “restriction of hazardous substances compliant” technology.

As beautiful as this dress is, of course I couldn’t imagine actually wearing it in real life. But that is what high-tech couture is all about, right? That niche of fashion always features stuff that we would only wear in our futuristic dreams, like if we were on a Star Trek mission or when we visit another planet to attend a party with our non-human friends. The technology filled interactive dress is another great example. It’s a dress that becomes more and more transparent in the club as you start to heat up from being physically close to other people. I love this stuff!






Via: [ecouterre]

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