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Geek Happiness: Zelda Link Pixelated Cookies

Geek Happiness: Zelda Link Pixelated Cookies

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

If you are a geek and a baker, you may have tried to make pixelated cookies before. If so, you know it ain’t easy. There are several hours of calculations to compile for your image before you even start the cookie making process. Pixelated cookies are made by putting together colored “logs” of dough into one long rectangle which is then cut into slices and baked into cookies.

I learned while writing DIY 8-Bit Pixelated Sugar Cookies that you can use a Play-Doh Fun Factory to make the logs if that’s easier for you, but to me, it seems like that would just be more trouble to do it that way. However, don’t let this stop you! Making these cookies is a great way to feel your creativity flow.

If you are up to the challenge, pixelated cookies can be the most geeky and rewarding cookies you’ll ever make. Trinh Phan, the blogger behind Love-Making In The Kitchen, was inspired to give it a try and her cookies turned out amazing! She created these Link from Zelda pixelated cookies and all I can say is… Wow! You can check out the whole process behind what she did at Pixel Cookies: Link From Zelda. If you don’t want to make these yourself, you can buy a dozen in Trinh’s Etsy Store for $37. I think that is such a low price for something that is so labor intensive! If you’d like to see more pixelated cookie designs, just click over to Geeky Pixel Cookies.





Via: [That’s Nerdalicious]

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