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Geek Design: Space Invader Papercraft Business Card

Geek Design: Space Invader Papercraft Business Card

6 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Is there anything that can’t be created with a piece of paper? I’m starting to think not. We’ve written about so much incredible papercraft on Bit Rebels that it now has its own category at the top of this blog. I used to just look at a piece of paper as just that, a piece of paper. But now, all that has changed. Now that I have seen and learned so much about what a piece of paper can turn into, I know that it can open up into a whole world of its own. I know people who practice origami agree with me. As with almost everything, the only limits to a piece of paper are those that the artist places on him or herself.

Elod Beregszaszi, an origamist, caught my attention because he adds a whole geeky spin to his incredible paper folding. His website consists of only one sentence, and a link to his flickr gallery. That sentence reads, “I am in love with paper, making it, cutting it, folding it, embossing, tearing, sculpting… you get the idea.” From the looks of his artwork below, I would have to agree with him. It’s no wonder his papercraft creations can be seen all over London. Of all his designs, some of which are shown below, I think my favorite is his Space Invaders business card. #want!! He also created this fun 14-second video, which shows how it unfolds into geeky fun.

These were all cut for a show in London.

All of these pieces were cut from the negative squares on the board.

This is Elod’s new lamp. It’s created from three A3 sheets with no waste.

Clean up day.

Elod had coffee at the Victoria Park Pavilion, then he came home and created this.

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