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For Music Lovers: The Handmade Guitar String Bracelet

For Music Lovers: The Handmade Guitar String Bracelet

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

This is creativity at its best. Who would ever think to hand roll vintage sheet music and carefully coil steel guitar strings to create a beautiful bracelet? Tanith Rohe, a jewelry maker from the San Fransico Bay area, did. She is a self-proclaimed urban archaeologist and thrift store shopper.

According to her Etsy page, one day she looked at her guitar string and realized it would make the perfect wire for coiling into jewelry. She likes to take what some people might consider trash (like an old piece of wire) and turn it into a little treasure. Since she gives new life to items that would normally be thrown in the garbage, her jewelry is eco-friendly and a great example of recycling and reusing.

These bracelets she creates are all made with previously played strings. Some of the strings are discolored, which Tanith believes adds character to the bracelet. I think these bracelets are stunning, and they would make a great gift for any music lover. I think my favorite part isn’t the wire, but the antique looking sheet music. It’s so classic and beautifully rolled. To check them out in more detail, click on over to Tanith’s Etsy store.

Sheet Music Rolled Up Cuff

Sheet Music Rolled Up Cuff

Sheet Music Rolled Up Cuff

Sheet Music Rolled Up Cuff

Via: [Book of Joe]

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