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Food Art: Presidential Candidates Recreated With Cheetos

Food Art: Presidential Candidates Recreated With Cheetos

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Cheetos are one of life’s most indulgent snacks, at least for me. I always try to keep a bag of Cheetos in the house. If I had to choose one snack that complements blogging best, it would have to be Cheetos. Of course, to get the full effect, you have to eat them alongside a Diet Dr. Pepper. It seems as though some people do a lot more with Cheetos than just eat them. If you go to, you’ll see all kinds of food art and unusual concoctions made with Cheetos like a Cheetos Pet, Cheetos sushi and even a Cheetos speed painting. As you probably know, there are all kinds of different Cheetos. Japan even recently introduced Strawberry Cheetos.

Each one of these types of Cheetos is a slightly different color, so you know what that means, right? You guessed it – It’s the perfect medium to use when creating unusual food art. Jason Baalman, who is already famous for his Cheetos portraits, unveiled his new food art which consists of both American presidential candidates recreated with Cheetos. He used all different kinds of Cheetos in order to get the shading and contrast of the colors correct. If you click on the food art pictures of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney below, you’ll see the outstanding detail in each one of these portraits.

In the past, Jason has designed Conan O’Brien, Rachael Ray and even CeeLo Green in Cheetos food art also. The presidential candidate Cheetos portraits were commissioned by PepsiCo, and you can read more about it on this press release. According to that document, “Cheetos is one of the billion-dollar brands that makes up Frito-Lay North America, the $13 billion convenient foods businesses unit of PepsiCo.” I wonder who Jason will recreated in Cheetos next. I wonder how many Cheetos he eats during the process. What a fun job that must be!

Click Cheetos Food Art Portraits To Enlarge






Via: [Oddity Central] [Today]

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