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Anti-Theft Defender Backpack: Fight Theft & Secure Your Stuff

Anti-Theft Defender Backpack: Fight Theft & Secure Your Stuff

3 Years Ago By Kimberly Erskine

Are you about to head back to school, and you’re looking for a backpack to keep your school supplies and other belongings safe and secure? Perhaps you are planning to get one more vacation in before the days of summer come to a close, and you’re in need of a good carry-on to hold all of your belongings. It seems like there is an endless supply of backpacks to choose from. While it is easy to find a backpack to match even the most unique sense of style, security can be a whole different issue.

All backpacks claim to secure your belongings and prevent them from falling out or getting lost, but how many backpacks actually allow you to fight theft? Quirky seems to be one of the first companies to combat this issue. The innovative company has recently designed a new, secure, anti-theft backpack known as the Defender. What makes the Defender unique is that the zipper is placed on the back-facing panel, allowing access only to you. You’ll never again have to worry about anyone stealing your valuables such as money, credit cards, laptop, iPod, cell phone, or even your textbooks and notes. You’ll be able to fight theft in a simple way.

Need easy access to certain belongings stored in your backpack? No problem; Quirky understands. They designed a safety pocket on the back for IDs such as your passport, license, school ID, etc. In addition, they also designed a cellphone holder on the shoulder strap facing towards you. Have a few more valuable possessions in need of bigger, yet easy-to-access pockets? The Defender backpack features two side pockets secured with extra noisy Velcro fasteners. They will be easy to access for you, but not so much for others. In order to open the side pockets, you will have to rip through some extra-noisy Velcro. The noise will immediately set off an alarm to yourself and give you adequate time to fight theft by fending off any pesky thieves before they can even consider stealing from you.

The Defender backpack is still in the production stage, but it currently has a projected price of $22. To stay posted on the latest news regarding this backpack so you can fight theft and keep your valuables secure, check out the Defender backpack here on Quirky.

Fight Theft With Quirky’s Anti-Theft Defender Backpack

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Via: Quirky

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July 27th, 2013

this is just great…i really want one of these



July 31st, 2013

Quirky does not do their research. I submitted this idea five times – the same exact concept over two years ago – and they did not run with it or award me ANY influence – they gave it to someone who submitted the same idea years later.


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