The Evolution Of 8 Actors & Characters Through Cartoon Timelines

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These adorable comic illustrations that show the timelines for 8 different actors and movie characters will definitely bring a smile to your face today. They are done in classic cartoon style with a sprinkle of caricature added. Pop culture fans will love this collection which has many more than 8 actors and characters in it. I just shared my favorite 8 with you for this article. The best one is definitely Biff from Back to the Future, and seeing these drawings makes me want to watch that movie again today.

These 8 actors and characters were drawn by illustrator Jeff Victor. It is fun to go through each one to see if you can remember the movies. I was thinking that I would have liked these a little better if he had chosen actors that were more current, but then I realized he had to pick ones with a history so he could create a nice timeline.

If you are a big time movie buff, I know what you are going to say…he left out some of the movies. That may be true (at least according to Reddit). However, I see actors and actresses in old movies all the time and don’t even realize it’s them so does it even matter? I just found out yesterday that Johnny Depp was in Platoon, and I’ve seen that ’80s classic a dozen times. Charlie Sheen looks so young and sane in that one, but I’ve digressed. Jeff only said he was going to illustrate the most famous movies, not all of them. You can see more of Jeff’s fun illustrations on his blog. For some odd reason, when I look at his blog, it reminds me visually of The Jetsons. He’s a very talented artist, and these 8 actors and movie characters are a lot of fun to look at. Enjoy!

Evolution Of 8 Actors & Characters Through Cartoon Timelines

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Tom Hanks

Johnny Depp

Sigourney Weaver


Biff from Back To The Future


Natalie Portman

Uma Thurman

Jack Nicholson

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