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Embroidered Car Doors: The Softer Side Of Your Car

Embroidered Car Doors: The Softer Side Of Your Car

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There are some really odd people out there with some amazing minds. Their creativity seems to know no boundaries, and whatever they come up with, you just know it will be awesome in every way imaginable. We are quite used to oddness and smart creativity here at Bit Rebels. We deal with it every day of the week, and it comes to us in heaps and truck loads. As you already know, we usually have a hard time knowing what we should pick, but there’s always some stuff that stands out just a little bit more than everything else, and that’s usually what we try to feature. There’s also the layer of work on some of this stuff that seems to be above all the rest.

That is certainly the case with the things that Lithuanian artist Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene creates. The amount of work this artist produces is reason enough for me to feature it. Really, this is probably the most creative person I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Something that struck me out of all his stuff was something as odd as embroidered car doors. Yeah, I am sure you never thought you would see those words in the same sentence. Me neither actually, and that’s exactly why it caught my attention.

By carefully drilling a number of holes into a car door, Severija managed to use it as an embroidery fabric texture. Then, by using yarn in different colors, the embroidery magically appears in front of the artist’s eyes. There’s no denying that it is creative and beautiful. Imagine if the artist got the chance to embroider a Lamborghini or some other super car. That would instantly be a “class of its own” winner at any car show. I mean, it must be, right? I don’t know if I would go for that one if I saw it in a store; however, I am weirdly enjoying the mashup. I think it will become something that the artist can be quite proud of. Few artists comes up with this kind of originality, ever.

Embroided Car Door Art Installment

Embroided Car Door Art Installment

Embroided Car Door Art Installment

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