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The Push-Button Pop-Up Elegant House Inside A Shipping Crate

The Push-Button Pop-Up Elegant House Inside A Shipping Crate

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I never knew a shipping crate could be used so creatively. Over the past few years, the trend in living spaces has gotten much smaller, more optimized and eco-friendly. Sometimes minimal living spaces are like minimal LEGO builds – the smaller they are, the more inspiring they are, and we’ve written about many of them including a remodeled dumpster home and an 84-square foot home (7.8 square meters).

My favorite one though has to be the man who created an award-winning apartment design with 24 rooms which is only a total of 344 square feet (31.9 square meters). You can read about that on Could You Live In This Space?. Today I’d like to share another inspiring architectural design which involves an elegant home that opens up with the touch of a button. As if being a “push button” home wasn’t interesting enough, this house was built inside a shipping container.

This is how it works…when someone pushes the button; it uses hydraulic power to open the shipping crate completely up. The process takes about 90 seconds (and I bet it’s loud). Once it’s unfolded, the person living in it will enjoy a cozy bed, a couch, a dining table, a bathroom, a library and all the fixins’ that go along with these things like light fixtures, a rug and rich colors which give it all an elegant look. To make it even better, everything inside the home was created from recycled or recyclable materials.

This shipping crate home is part of Adam Kalkin‘s project called Push Button House. He is now working on his shipping crate 2.0 in a new project called Push Button House 2. Unfortunately, these houses aren’t for sale, they are just an expression of design, creativity, sustainability and innovation. This all kind of reminds me of that Starbucks Location Built From Recycled Shipping Crates.

The Push-Button House Inside A Shipping Crate






Via: [My Modern Met]

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